The places of my work reflect memories between the past and other times.
However, there is nothing tangible to help me exactly remember the feelings of the past. But that is not necessarily a weakness: it doesn¡¯t matter how the past memories are related to a particular place. When we no longer inhabit a specific place, memories can become more beautiful and valuable.
The pleasure of living in the present is our awareness that we have to do our best.

Moreover, this present moment is precious because it always becomes the past.
This recognition is applied to my subject matter, those places that have created memories in my paintings. Doing things in the spaces I inhabit and looking at the actual places where I am living becomes part of my memories. Although my work is based on the moment of awareness based on the places where I walk daily, I may see different objects and feel differently every day.
Each memory is encapsulated in a certain time and exists as pieces of memory that by nature cannot be continuous.

By collecting those memories that depend on elements such as my feelings and experiences as well as different weather conditions and seasons, a sense of place is constructed.

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